Dembones – Skull Sugar Cubes for the Ultimate in Stylish Coffee and Cocktails

Dembones make incredible sugar cube skulls! Perfect for Halloween drinks!

Dembones skull sugar cubes and coffee by Frankie and the Lamb for Halloween

Beverley at Dembones makes beautiful skull sugar cubes. Whether you are wanting to make a spooky coffee with style or an absinthe that is truly sophisticated these skull sugar cube are gorgeous.

I am always on the lookout for the coolest Halloween accessories and these are fantastic. I’m a bit of a Halloween and Day of the Dead obsessive. From being very small I loved skulls and would hoard bird skulls I found in the garden and was thrilled when a local game keeper would bring me deer skulls that he’d found in the woods. I experimented with black lipstick at about twelve and my inner goth has continued to love all things spooky and dark. One of my favourite Pinterest boards celebrates Darkness in all its forms.

So to find these sugar skulls on Etsy was rather wonderful! To use one really highlights the ritual of making a coffee and adding sugar. You take your time and slow down to enjoy the moment.

I haven’t ever had absinthe but its colour is quite spectacular. To drip water through one of these skull sugar cubes into the fantastic green would make it all the more exotic!


Dembones skull sugar cubes and coffee by Frankie and the Lamb for Halloween

If you’re looking for some absinthe cocktail inspiration for Halloween…


Ernest Hemingway claimed to have invented ‘Death in the Afternoon’. It is simply absinthe and champagne… it sounds pretty lethal!

Main alcohol: Absinthe, Champagne
Ingredients: 1 jigger Absinthe, 1 flute Champagne
Preparation: Pour one jigger absinthe into a Champagne glass. Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness.
Drinkware: Champagne flute