Bedruthan Hotel and Spa – Everything You Want for a Cornish Family Break

The North Cornish Coast is home to Bedruthan… we were intrigued!

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa - Everything You Want for a Cornish Family Break. Child friendly meal times, soft play room and a decdent spa for the grown ups!Bedruthan had been recommended to us over and over again and we were excited to get there. Pulling into the carpark we looked at each other with slight dismay. The building was quite grim, not dissimilar to an small town NHS hospital block. With slight reluctance we made our way inside, wishing we’d stayed at Watergate Bay Hotel. The Bedruthan complex is quite large and we made our way to our room along a corridor. Some of the bedrooms have recently been refurbished, ours was not one of them, but we did have a lovely view out over the sea. Luther didn’t seem to notice the tired decor and thoroughly enjoyed feeding a seagull through our window.

We immediately went to explore a bit. Once you’ve looked around Bedruthan you realise why everyone loves it. There’s a soft play room for the kids, with a couple of ball pits, ride on vehicles and a sort of Funhouse style adult course. It’s just such a good idea. The children are safe and love it and that in turn is restful for the parents.

Supper at the right time!

There’s kids tea laid on early. This is the real nightmare of most hotel and holiday stays. You want to feed the kids at 5pm and lots of places don’t start until 7pm, by this time your kids are too tired and too hungry to function properly. Children don’t want meals, they want little bits of food to chew on and chuck about. Bedruthan has this, there are bits of cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and bread and small portion kid style meals. It’s exactly what you need with a young family.

I bathed and popped Luther in bed whilst daddy had supper. I was starting to flag and really didn’t want to eat in the restaurant so in text conversation with the husband room service was ordered. It turned out to be a fantastic decision as it is the best room service I have had. The food was prompt. It was hot. It was delivered with a smile. It was brought into the bedroom in silence and in great humour as Luther slept on the floor next to the bed. I sat on the main bed and had my meal in the gloom. The food was fantastic. I had a blue cheese, walnut and fig salad to start. A fantastic burger and chips for main and a decent cheesecake to finish up. I felt truly spoilt!

Sand and Swimming and the Bedruthan Spa

Luther woke early, as always, and daddy needed to sleep so we crept out and went to breakfast, after he’d eaten and I had been given earl grey tea intravenously we went to the ball pit to play around. The day was brightening up so I thought a walk to the beach would be nice. I got directions from reception as to the best route and Luther and I set off with him in the Greentom buggy. I thought I was doing really well but then we got to a part of the path that was pure sand followed by huge boulders and a drop to the beach and I realised I had gone wrong somewhere! I parked the buggy as best I could to the side of the path and carried Luther down to the beach. I was trying to work out how I was going to leave him happily on the sand and get the buggy down when it tumbled down the side of the slope to land on the sand with us. Naturally all the shopping bag contents were scattered as it fell. I leapt up and managed to gather all our belongings and regained the buggys composure.

It was now 6am and a few dog walkers were out but the beach was almost deserted. Luther ran around eating a banana and once he’d had enough playing we made our way back to the hotel – via the easy, beach- level path!

Daddy was up and we had a chatter then I went off to walk Luther to sleep for his morning nap whilst daddy had breakfast. I then had food and enjoyed the peace of eating at a table alone and enjoying hot food and coffee.

After morning nap we packed up the car to continue our Cornish trip in Falmouth. But before we left, we made use of the glorious hotel pool – which was empty – and nosed around the spa which was truly lovely. Next time I will make good use of it.

The beauty of Bedruthan is that it has everything you’d want for your family. There are indoor and outdoor pools, the spa, the adult bar, restaurant, children eating area, friendly feeding hours. You can even bring your dog! It really does take the hassle of the holiday.