Little Greene Paint Company – Child Safe Paints – Nursery Makeover – Part I

Luther’s nursery gets a makeover with the Little Greene Paint Company

This post is the start of the makeover series for Luther’s room. It’s not just a room makeover, it’s the start of him moving into his own room. I’ve absolutely loved co-sleeping, and I’m sure it’s given me much more sleep than I would have had otherwise, but it feels the right time to start transitioning him into his own space. After our stay at Ace Hotel London, we decided a floor bed was what Luther needed for independence and ease for everyone.

I had a vision and the vision involved a blue wall…

Luther's nursery gets a makeover with the Little Greene Paint Company. Child Safe paint in incredible colours with toy safe standards.

I’ve painted lots of walls. I’ve used lots of different brands of paint. I know that the better quality the paint the easier your job as a decorator. Cheap paint is thin and requires lots of layers and often looks awful. I love painting but I hate the headache from the fumes and was slightly concerned I’d make the house smell bad for ages, and give Luther a nasty dose of chemicals. However, I needn’t have worried, my mum suggested I look at the Little Greene Paint Company who sell themselves as an eco option. I hopped straight online and pursued the colours, which were incredible. I contacted Little Greene and they were keen to come on board with the makeover project!

Child Safe Paints from Little Greene

Little Greene paints are about as environmentally and child friendly as you can find. They make ‘Intelligent Matt Emulsion’, ‘Intelligent Eggshell’ and ‘Absolute Matt Emulsion’ all of which are certified under BS EN 71-3:1995 (also known as the ‘Toy Paint Regulations’), which means don’t contain dangerous ingredients. They can be used on children’s toys!

Little Greene sent me blue three samples of their Intelligent Matt Emulsion.  This paint is totally matt and yet completely washable. It can be used for walls and on woodwork and radiators. I daubed them excitedly onto the nursery wall then mulled on them for a few days. The colour card is also totally accurate (my mum had posted me one) – that never happens! The texture was good and thick, the pigments were strong and beautiful, rather like an art paint and there was no smell! I’m not exaggerating. There are no fumes. I didn’t even open the window. I have asthma and normally whilst painting walls I’m constantly stopping to go and get fresh air.

Although gorgeous colours these samples weren’t quite right in the space. I popped out to buy two more Little Greene samples and fell in love with Smalt – the husband’s first choice all along! It’s a gorgeous deep, dark colour.

So one feature wall is now adorned in Smalt and I’m refreshing the skirting and woodwork with Intelligent Eggshell in Loft White. A brilliant, clean, glowing white with a low sheen. This eggshell can be used for painting woodwork – including furniture, and toys.

I had such fun painting Luther’s room. The Little Greene paint so impressive, and it’s especially fun working with such an amazing vivid colour. I’m using the left over Smalt to customise some of his wooden blocks from Toyella.

I’ll be spending the next month completing the nursery. The final reveal photographs will follow!

Luther's nursery gets a makeover with the Little Greene Paint Company. Child Safe paint in incredible colours with toy safe standards.

Little Greene sent us the paint for the purposes of this review but all thoughts and lack of sneezing is my own.

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Kat | Kitty & B

Brilliant timing. We just moved house and we’re painting and this is exactly what I need for B’s room. I need to do the woodwork and the radiators, so thanks!

Kat x

Alex @ That Butterfly Effect

Well, you know I love eco-friendly stuff so this is right up my street! Look forward to seeing the pictures of Luther’s room xx

Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

I absolutely love that blue! I’m asthmatic too, and struggle with paint fumes so I’m definitely going to hunt this paint out

Muffin top mummy

That colour is so nice! I didn’t know paint could be anything other than packed with harsh chemicals etc so this is an eye-opener!

Rabbit Ideas

That blue is lovely, I’ll be popping back to see more photos as the project develops! #Wondermamatribe


I love that shade of blue! That’s wild! Actually, I think my brother had a very similar color on his walls growing up. 🙂