Sleepyhead Grand – The Swedish Sleep and Relaxation Pod for Babies and Toddlers

Sleepyhead Grand makes a grand impression!

Our Sleephead Grand arrived late one afternoon. I didn’t have time to wash the sheets and the beautiful pale blue toile cover in time for bedtime, so it sat wistfully in the cot next to our bed whilst Luther slept in with us as usual. Next day I popped Luther in his freshly laundered Sleepyhead in his cot, and he went fast asleep for his morning nap. That’s right, you heard me correctly. He went to sleep!

What witchcraft is this?!

It’s very rare for him to fall asleep during the day unless he’s lulled to sleep in his Greentom buggy. I’d popped him in the Sleepyhead Grand to give him a quick breastfeed before we went out for a walk and he fell asleep! Seriously, I couldn’t quite believe it. He stirred after 45 mins of being asleep which he nearly always does… if he’s in the bed I pop him back on the nipple and he goes off to sleep again. In the pod he just tried to turn over and the sides stopped him, he flopped back onto his back and straight back to sleep. I didn’t want to get too excited but I am sure the neighbours saw me dancing with glee and mouthing aeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!

So, after my initial over excitement let’s get back to a sensible discussion. That first evening, I like to call it ‘Sleepyhead Grand Day 1’, I popped Luther in the pod, breastfeed him for ten minutes and he fell asleep. He didn’t stir for two hours which is rare for him when first dropping off.

The Sleepyhead Grand has been a huge success. He’s not sleeping through the night like some sort of miracle sleeping spell has been cast, and we’ve had a funny time with what I think has been the so called 14 month regression, but this bit of kit is super. Luther loves it. He’ll lie in it whilst I read to him, or to watch Peppa Pig. He’ll go to sleep in it, he’ll stay asleep in it and in the morning he’ll crawl out of our bed back into it.

What is the Sleepyhead Grand?

It is made up of a flat mattress section with a separate long sausage pillow all the way around it.  The covers zip up and it forms one breathable and portable place to sleep or rest. It is machine washable and hypoallergenic. It is suggested as being ideal for transitioning into a bed and I think it’s going to be perfect for moving Luther from the cot to his own toddler bed when he is ready.

I really wish I’d had the Sleepyhead Deluxe for when Luther was smaller.

It will certainly be on my list if we have another baby!

Sleepyhead Grand - Frankie and the Lamb

Sleepyhead Grand Pod reviewed by Frankie and the Lamb. Swedish designed baby accessory to help sleep and relaxation. Luther loved it! I must get the Deluxe.Sleepyhead Grand Pod reviewed by Frankie and the Lamb. Swedish designed baby accessory to help sleep and relaxation. Luther loved it! I must get the Deluxe.

Luther and I were sent the Sleepyhead Grand for the purposes of this review. I can assure you all views are my own and Luther did not fake any sleep for the review.

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I have read and heard so much about these. I literally can’t wait to have another baby to try them lol

Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

This looks and sounds awesome! Wonder whether they do it in adult size?! Xx