Recaro Easylife – Travel with this Super Compact, Light and Stylish Stroller

The RECARO Easylife pops into our world!

We were getting ready to fly to Tenerife, and I was packing our bag, when the exciting boxes arrived. The husband seemed incredulous as to why we’d need another stroller but once he’d seen the Recaro Easylife in the flesh he was smitten! It slid out of the box in one piece and only needed two of the wheels attaching… so it was ready in seconds. The husband popped it up in one swift motion. No need to even glance at the instruction manual! Yes!

The key aspects to the RECARO Easylife are:

– It folds up really small. You could fit it in a cupboard, car footwell or small boot. Folded up it is really small (H59 x W48 x D26 cm) and has the ability to free stand, so you can pop it on the floor and it stays put, without the need to find something to lean it against; which is particularly useful on public transport. When it is folded up the main foam handle acts as the carry handle, which is easy to hold and the whole package feels balanced.

– It is very light, weighing only 5.7kg. But it is sturdy, with a robust framework that isn’t going to buckle or get squashed.

– The handle height to higher than other buggies… which the husband likes.

– The underseat storage is generous and easy to get all. The basket can hold 5kg and measures 30cm x 33cm x 10cm.

– Luther thinks it’s marvellous and pushes it around (generally from a kneeling position for no obvious reason)

– There are eight wheels for a smoother ride and it has all round suspension. The front swivel wheels can be locked for easy manoeuvring one handed or over bumpy terrain.

– The brakes are brilliant, they have a push-push mechanism. The left-hand is brake coloured green for GO GO GO! The right hand pedal being (unsurprisingly) red for Whoa, there! Totally flip-flop and open-toe shoe friendly. No fiddly mechanisms to struggle with whilst wearing chunky boots and nothing to catch a naked toe on. I didn’t even know this existed in the stroller world, and am surprised by the practical difference it makes.

– Really great five point harness with a clever pull and easy release tightening for the side straps. Much like you have on an areroplane. It’s brilliant! Quick and effective. The harness is nicely shaped and feels supportive and secure. It is suitable for babies from six months old.

– The seat reclines to wherever you choose to fix it. It’s not a fully flat lie down but goes back far enough for a good nap position.

–  The seat has mesh panels at the side for air circulation so great for a hot holiday or even Brighton in the sunshine.

– The RECARO Easylife has a one-hand folding and unfolding mechanism that takes a little bit of practise to perfect (unless you are my husband of course, who mastered it instantly) but is very clever.

– Lots of colour options: Pink, Lime, Saphire, Sunshine, Graphite and Ruby.

– The RECARO Easylife really looks the part, and the seat even has apparent nods to the brand’s sports car heritage, with two go faster stripes on the footrest. It’s got the speedy vibe and the weight advantage and you know you’re going to win any buggy race you may be challenged to.

– There are various accessories that can be purchased and in the second box that was delivered was the carry bag, which enables you to stow it safely away, whether in an aircraft hold or for storage in your front cupboard.

– The lightweight sunshade is great but needs to extend further or have a pop out visor on it.

It’s a neat, light and stylish package and it’s not surprising that the Easylife stroller has been awarded GOLD in the 2017 Made For Mums awards, in the ‘Most Compact Fold’ category.

Recaro Easylife is compact, lightweight and stylish. Frankie and the Lamb review this buggy for travel and space saving kit.Recaro Easylife is compact, lightweight and stylish. Frankie and the Lamb review this buggy for travel and space saving kit.Recaro Easylife is compact, lightweight and stylish. Frankie and the Lamb review this buggy for travel and space saving kit.

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That looks fab, especially the handle height! Would have been great when we were in the pushchair stage!

Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

I totally have buggy envy! It folds down so compact! xx

Gemma Horlock

I have a slight buggy obsession & I want this one! Love the black on yellow very stylish & love how it folds down so compact!

Catherine - Kids Versus Copy

That looks amazing! We’re a little past the buggy stage now but I wish this had been around a few years ago! xx

Muffin top mummy

Wow it folds down quite small – might have to have a look at this, my current buggy is so fiddly!