Brushing Tiny Teeth with Brush-Baby

Who knew you could get electric toothbrushes for a baby! Brush-Baby offers lots of products for looking after your little tots teeth…

Teeth become a bit of an obsession once you’d have a baby. Everyone asks how teething is going and how many tiny teeth have pushed their way through. As a parent, you buy teething granules, numbing gels and chewy things to keep the pains at bay, and bibs to catch the drool. But keeping the gums and new teeth clean can be overlooked amidst all this activity and it’s so important.

Luther loves brushing his teeth, well, when I say brushing I mean chewing and sucking the toothbrush. I’ve managed to turn it into a treat after his nighttime bath – mainly thanks to a book where a penguin and polar bear brush their teeth. I say “brushy brushy” and he stands up in the bath really excited! Once out of the bath I give his little teeth a brush at the sink and I then give him the brush to hold. He’ll sit and chew on it whilst I dry and dress him for bed.

For the last few months, or latest two teeth, we have been trying some products from family run, Brush-Baby‘s Step One range – designed for babies. Brush-Baby offer a wonderful array of dental products for each stage of childhood development.
Luther’s been sent three products to test and I’ll go through them one by one.

My FirstBrush and Teether Set

The toothbrush is excellent from a mummy perspective. The tiny head is perfect for getting into his mouth and massaging his teeth clean. This brush means I can actually clean his tiny teeth as it’s so small. With toothbrushes with a larger head you feel all you’ve done is get it in their mouth rather than actually doing anything helpful for their teeth. Luther’s very happy chewing on the bright turquoise handle.

He loves the teething set with its rubber brush…in fact we take it with us if we go out.  This teething ring has been a huge hit and is dragged around like a beloved toy. One end is a soft silicon bristled brush and the handle is small hand friendly and chewy. There’s a safety guard in between to stop him shoving it down his throat. If you read my last post 20 Things to Take on a Flight with a Baby you’ll know that this came with us on the plane!

Brush-Baby Toothpaste

This tastes both like apples and mint and is very pleasant. Luther doesn’t seem to mind it although obviously I’m only using a tiny amount. There’s no face of disgust so I’d say that was a thumbs up!

BabySonic Electric Toothbrush

This is amazing! It lights up! Luther loves it. He loves the light and he loves the vibrations. It’s got the same tiny head as the FirstBrush so is user friendly for mummy. The heads are replaceable which is a great feature. It’s been harder to brush his teeth when the vibration is on, as he wants to hold it himself, but I think it’s a fantastic way to introduce him to the idea of an electric toothbrush which could seem so alien once he’s older. It has a two minute light timer. There are two heads included – a mini one for up to 18 months and one for a toddler from 18-36 months. The design is lovely with a bright yellow handle that is the right size for Luther’s tiny hand.

We have some stickers for brushing rewards that I’m sure we’ll enjoy in the future.
Brush-Baby’s products have been really well thought through and I think whatever your babies temperament you’d find a product you could use with them. They sell dental wipes and a chewable brush, so if you are just starting to introduce oral hygiene to your little one Brush-Baby is the place to go to turn them into a tooth brushing champ!

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Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

I didn’t even know these products existed, I’m sure my two boys would love a light up toothbrush!

Alex @ That Butterfly Effect

Oooh, I should check out this toothbrush for Max – we currently use a natural silicone finger brush but you know more of those teeth will come through anytime soon xx