Greentom 100% Recycled Footmuff – Dutch Designed Strollers and Accessories

The temperature dropped and Greentom sent help… a footmuff!

Greentom sent Luther their recycled footmuff for winter. He’s graduated to forward facing in his buggy and loves the view. The dip in temperatures in December meant he needed more than a blanket and we eagerly unpacked the familiar brown cardboard Greentom box.

The footmuff is a slightly misleading name as it’s a fleece lined sleep bag for the whole body to go into. I could really do with one!


It’s in one piece and has slits to feed the straps and buckle through. There’s a piece of Velcro to stick it to the top of the buggy underneath the pop up hood. Extremely quick and simple. It’s fleecey grey interior is really cosy and zips up round the feet neatly. There’s an option to fold back to top with two toggle buttons.


As will all the Greentom products it’s 100% recycled and made from plastic bottles.


Luther pretty much refuses to wear socks but he stays really warm inside the footmuff and often falls asleep if we’re out for a walk.

The footmuff has been a total hit! Thank you Greentom!

Greentom sent me the footmuff to review but as always words and views are my own.

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Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

Love the colour of this footmuff! And I can’t believe it’s made out of recycled items! Amazing!