20 Things To Pack When Flying with a Baby 

20 Things I Pack When Flying with a Baby Frankie and the Lamb
20 things to pack when flying with a baby sounds so knowledgable, so, before I launch into this list I must make a confession. I haven’t flown with a baby yet! We go on holiday this weekend and this is what I’ve packed in my carry on bag. Luther’s 13 months now so all items are relevant to him at this stage.

1 – Snacks. Fruit gums, crisps, biscuits, the usual items that take him ages to work his way through.

2 – Sachets of Calpol. These are so convenient, little individual pouches and a plastic spoon. I’ve popped them into a tupperware so they don’t pop open on everything and to give myself that feeling of smugness.

3 – Beaker. Not risking offering him a cup mid flight. Sometimes it goes well. The other times he inhales the drink or knocks it violently out of my grasp. Neither a good outcome whilst flying!

4 – Spoons. I’ll probably buy him a yoghurt or something at the airport and I don’t want to have to fashion a spoon from the yoghurt lid.

5 – Toddler harness from Trunki. I think this might come in handy to put it mildly. He’s all over the place now so this should be good at the airport and probably on the plane itself. Daddy might be on walking duties.

6 – Also in the smug tupperware is a tube of teething gel. I think there’s another tooth looming so useful to have this line of attack.

7 – Change of clothes for Luther in case he’s sick or wets himself. A long sleeve t-shirt and a soft pair of tracksuit bottoms.

8 – A change of top for me, in case he’s sick. Experience in journeys that have involved puke mean this is not the thing to forget – unless I want to sit in my bra for the flight.

9 – Cotton blanket. A gorgeous organic cotton one from The Bonnie Mob. I love it. He loves it. It should battle the aircraft air con.

10 – Toys. I’ve taken a soft toy that makes him laugh and some of his other tiny favourites. Bath ‘snail’ (it arrived with legs) from Munchkin and a Duplo car are definitely making the cut.

11 – Nappies for fairly obvious reasons.

12 – Wet wipes – you never really know the joy of a wet wipe before kids.

13 – Books. Sweet Usborne book and a Baby Lit one that he loves.

14 – Sunglasses. Mine not his, as don’t want them squashed in the hold.

15 – Sun hats for us both for when we emerge into glorious sunshine!

16 – Teething elephant and a dummy both to chew on incase the teeth flare up. He doesn’t use a dummy but I live in hope.

I’ve added some other things that aren’t photographed:

17 – Nivea Soft for me. It’s also useful when removing encrusted food from a face. Luther’s face, not mine.

18 – Teething brush. Luther loves toothbrushes. I’ve packed his chewy one from Brush Baby.

19- iPad with copious episodes of Ben & Holly and Peppa Pig.

20 – His Daddy. Not sure I could face the flight without him. Especially as I don’t like flying! 

All this has gone into the Greentom shopping bag. It’s easy to carry, lots of room and clips onto the stroller out of the way.

If I’ve missed anything you couldn’t do without do tell me!

20 Things I Pack When Flying with a Baby Frankie and the Lamb20 Things I Pack When Flying with a Baby Frankie and the Lamb