Acne Jr – Super Hip Toys from Sweden


When an enticing cube box landed on my doorstep decorated in yummy foreign stamps, including ones with a hoopoe on them, I got really excited! I knew it was from Acne Jr and contained gifts for Luther.

Under the classic brown parcel paper I uncovered the first box which contained Kranium, an oak box in the shape of a stylised skull. This may seem an odd baby gift but I’ll explain: I love skulls, I really love them and the husband and I love oak trees, and who didn’t like a box to hide things in when they were small. We are going to give it to Luther at Christmas with a note inside from us to read when he is older. Acne Jr also make them in different colours and the black chalkboard effect skull looks very cool as well.

I should pause in my toy madness and tell you a bit about Acne Jr. They are based in Sweden and make seriously hip toys! There’s even a black rocking horse that looks like a medieval jousting steed, amazing for a monochrome playroom.

The next toy in the box was a large soft toy apple complete with worm. It makes me laugh and I think a little boy might enjoy the worm!

I’m thrilled with Luther’s gifts and Acne Jr will certainly be on my list of quirky presents for other children.