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I’m really pleased to have been chosen to be part of the Greenroom Family. Not only do the systems look chic, but they are made from recycled plastic. The frames of the Bottle Collection are made from plastic drinking bottles and the mattress is made of bio-cotton, flax and wool. They really are what they say – ‘The greenest stroller on planet earth’


There is a glorious array of colours and you can mix and match with your frame of choice. There are 3 frame colours to choose from (white, grey and black) and 10 fabric colours (mint green, orange, pink, black, taupe, turquoise, red, navy, khaki, and grey) We opted for a black frame with orange cloth. A sort of tribute to our black and orange Vespa 300 that we travelled around Istanbul on. Our new orange Greentom is in good company as we have an orange Vespa 50 here in Brighton. I guess we are an orange family!

First impressions, well I meant to unpack all the boxes and lay everything out, but I was too keen to get on with it and opened the biggest of the three boxes first. Inside was the main frame structure, with the under buggy storage already attached, and the safety bar bit. I pulled out the main frame and it popped up into place incredibly easily. This is the Greenroom Upp Reversible so that Luther can face me when I push him as he’s still quite little.

The next largest box had the seat frame and the canopy. The seat slotted easily onto the frame. The canopy attached easily with velcro at the back and two clips either side clicking into the plastic of the seat. I then popped the safety bar in place and it was done!

The whole assembly took less than 15 minutes and that included opening the boxes! The last buggy I assembled took me over an hour using online help videos (and I still don’t think it was quite right!)

The smallest box had in it another seat and canopy for the Greenroom Upp Classic stroller. That will be used when Luther is slightly older and happy to face out to the world the whole time. It uses the same frame – i’ll just need to change over the seat fabric. The Greentom Upp Reversible can be used until he is about 2.5 years old. The Classic can be used from 6 months to 4.5 years old.

The rain cover is being sent on in a few days. UPDATE – the rain cover is super! It comes in its own little pouch which is attached to the cover so you can’t lose it. I have attached to the Greentom and it takes up no room at all so I don’t have to remember to pack it if it looks like it might rain.

So, assembly was very easy. It looks pretty chic! We took it for a spin round the block and it’s very easy to manoeuvre around and has a tight turning circle! It’s very light and it felt effortless to push around.

Some of the features that might not suit you:

– The handle height isn’t adjustable – it’s just right for me (5’1″) but it will be interesting to see if it suits the husband. I’ll report back! UPDATE – The height of the stroller is great for my husband who is 6′ so absolutely no issue with it not being adjustable.

– It would be great if the canopy could be open part way. It’s all or nothing as it pops itself into place. And, on that note, a sunshade umbrella would be great. Maybe Greentom will make one… UPDATE – I since discovered a sun visor within the canopy that’s very effective. It pops out an cuts out practically all the sun. 

– The underneath storage is compact but still a useful size.

Positive things to note:

It’s very light. The frame is made from recycled polypropene, so as well as being strong it’s really light.
There is a foot brake which seems very efficient, some buggy brakes don’t actually stop the buggy from moving!

Luther really enjoyed his first trip out with Greentom and fell asleep on the way home.

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