Eperfa Wooden Toys from Hungary


I have aspirations for Luther, and one of them is for him to appreciate the natural world. I’d like him to enjoy our countryside, and to know the names of animals, birds and plants. With this in mind, I love these wooden toys from Eperfa. Handmade in Hungary they capture part of my own childhood in their ethos.

The mixed birds eggs are gorgeous. They are a petanque set and I’m sure they’ll grace a bookshelf once they move out of the toy chest.

My favourite is probably the fishing set. Not because I particularly like fishing, but because I am really excited at the thought of daddy giving it to Luther when he is old enough. We have a pond outside our cottage in Somerset, and I have visions of him sitting at the window that overlooks it and pretending to fish whilst I fold laundry.* The set is incredibly sweet, with all the little pieces in lovely colours.

The woodland animals are glorious, and although the wild boar are not native to the UK anymore they have a romantic feel of times gone by and woodlands untouched by human hand. The birds are ones we see in our garden and I hope he enjoys spotting the real ones flitting round the trees and playing with these wooden versions.

These are toys centred around learning and creativity. Nature was a huge part of my childhood and I would have enjoyed these toys myself on days when it was raining to heavily to be outside.

*If this happens, I shall let you know!