Daddy’s First Father’s Day


I have been pretty excited about Father’s Day. I guess it’s a chance for us to celebrate being parents and for me to spoil daddy. So, I had been gathering and making gifts. I’d bought a trio of Anna Lewis’s Sketchy Muma prints (and another two for me…shhhh) They arrived in an envelope that Anna had decorated and it really made me smile! Her works are so sweet and just spoke to me.

From America, I ordered a bison cot blanket from Little Unicorn, as daddy loves bison, and likes to wrap a blanket around Luther when he takes him outside in his carrier.

A Lucy Darling National Parks baby book to read with Luther – as we took him to Yellowstone whilst on our honeymoon, he travelled round in my tummy.

A Moomin mug because we are addicted to them.

I made a shadow box with Luther’s first baby grow inside (well an identical one as I can’t find the original) and added in some lettering and a photo.

And some photos of Luther and a framed shot from our wedding.

I’ve also put together a scrapbook of all the tickets, receipts and bits from our honeymoon with the silly photos we took that won’t go into the printed photo book! Things like the shot of cans of squirty cheese in a gas station we stopped at.

And a ladybird book on being a daddy and of course, some socks (which daddy bought himself)

Pretty sure daddy thought I’d not given it a moment of my time, so the pyramid of presents that greeted him were a real surprise!