Tongues Will Now Wag


So, 8.30am this morning found us driving along the sunbathed Sussex coast towards Saltdean. I was in a pretty anxious state but the husband was calm and Luther was fast asleep. Dee Bell explained the procedure to untether Luther’s little tongue tie and made us feel relaxed. Tongue Tie (ankyloglossia) and it’s release (frenulotomy) is relatively common. His tongue tie was causing me issues with breastfeeding and was making me rather sore.

Luther was swaddled up and the husband held his head straight, whilst I cowered in the corner trying not to sob. Dee made the snip with scissors designed for the task and immediately popped a bit of sterile gauze under his tongue. It took a matter of seconds and Luther didn’t make a peep! Dee brought him straight over to me and I fed him.

We are home now and I’m emotionally exhausted. I’m watching re-runs of Morse and eating Creme Eggs. Luther is fast asleep!