The Udder Plods On


I didn’t have a fantastic night, with the breast I’m expressing from getting lumpy and painful again. Milk streams out of it at night so that I wake up to discover a soggy duvet cover or on one occasion, to my considerable surprise, poor Luther in a saturated babygro. A comment from an old school friend got me thinking. She said she’d had similar problems because her baby was tongue-tied. Luther is slightly tongue-tied and I wonder if it’s part of the problem. I called my Health Visitor who came straight over and arranged a referral to the hospital. Unfortunately Brighton didn’t have an appointment for 15 days so we booked into Haywards Heath next week.

I’m aware that this procedure is normally done on babies very soon after birth and it’s making me nervous that Luther may have his tongue snipped at over a month old. I researched local private help and, after a bit of internet digging and a spray of emails, I found details for a midwife called Dee, based near Brighton. I spoke to her this evening and was surprised to recognise her voice as the woman who took our first aid course just a couple of weeks ago! So, tomorrow morning bright and early Luther will have his tongue snipped. I’m feeling very anxious about it. Luckily the husband will get us there and hopefully keep me calm.

You can just about see his little tied tongue here.